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Like our homes have postal addresses and our SIM cards have designated mobile numbers, devices present in the technical realm have addresses called IP addresses. These IP addresses facilitate the user to find a specific device inside a network. is also an IP address that allows a person to access the Netgear router panel. – Netgear Router Login IP

Do all Netgear routers run on this IP? Of course not! Some WiFi routers brought in by Netgear are accessible through the IP address. But, a lot of users owning those models aren’t aware of the correct process of using this particular IP address. On the off-chance, your Netgear router also works with the same IP and you are not familiar with the process of using it, read the information given on this page.

How to Use Netgear IP?

The process of using the login IP of a Netgear WiFi router requires you to connect your computer to the router’s network. And yes, this must be known to you that the IP address can be used as an alternative to the routerlogin.net setup URL. Follow the steps given below to use the IP address to reach the BASIC Home screen of your Netgear router:

  • Check that your router and modem are connected properly.
  • Once done, switch on your modem and then the router.
  • The third step is to switch on your computer and connect it to the Netgear router WiFi.

Note: If your Netgear WiFi router is operating on the factory-set SSID and network key, you should check the router’s label to know about them. The WiFi password is case-sensitive. So, be careful.

  • Open Google Chrome now and move to its URL bar.
  • Type the IP address there and hit Enter.
  • The login portal of the WiFi router you own will show up. Netgear IP

The appearance of the administrative page is an indication that you’ve successfully accessed the IP address. Now, all you have to do is key in “admin” into the Username field and “password” into the Password field. Both these details are in lowercase and must be entered very carefully. You should use the customized password and username in case you have personalized these details during the setup process. Not Working?

Sometimes, the default IP address of the Netgear router doesn’t work. It usually happens, when the subnet runs on the same IP. Therefore, you are advised to assign a different IP address to the sub-network. On the off-chance, you are still failing, follow the techniques mentioned below:

  • There should be no typos in the IP address. Otherwise, you will not reach the desired page.
  • Be very sure that you are connected to the Netgear router (through cable or WiFi).
  • There should be no antivirus program active on your computer while you access the IP.
  • Always input the IP address into the address (URL) bar of the web browser.

Ensuring a stable internet connection during the assessment of the IP address can also help you a lot. For this, check the cable joining your WiFi router and modem. The cable is supposed to be intact and must be properly holding your WiFi devices together.

How to Change Router Password via

Change the Netgear router’s password once in three months to ensure home network security. Mentioned below are the instructions that must be given a shot to change the router’s password:

  • Log in to your Netgear router through the default IP address.
  • On the Netgear STATUS page, find the Administration tab, and click it.
  • Into the Password field, input the password value you want your router to possess.
  • You also have to enter the old password of the Netgear router in the designated space.
  • Confirm the new password and save the changes.
  • The new password of the router will come into effect.

This is how to change Netgear router password via the IP address. Besides, there are a few more settings that can be tweaked once you get logged in to the router using the default IP address. – FAQs

1. What is the subnet mask of the network range?

The subnet mask is by default.

2. I can’t access IP. What to do?

You should try accessing IP address to log in to your Netgear router.

3. I want to change Netgear router SSID. How to do that through IP?

First of all, you should log in to the router. Thereafter, select the Wireless tab, and enter the new SSID into the given field.