5 Quick Hacks to Resolve Netgear Router Orange Light

Nowadays, users of the Netgear router come across the Netgear router orange light that indicates a connectivity problem related to the internet or power. If you are also experiencing the same problem and wondering about its reasons and want to fix the issue, then you have come to the right place.

In this blog, we highlighted some major reasons that can cause this issue on Netgear routers. We also covered troubleshooting hacks so that you can resolve the problem in no time. Thus, we suggest you read out the post without skipping any points. Keep reading!

First, we would tell you about the reasons behind the Netgear router orange light in detail so that you can understand the situation properly.

Why Does Netgear Router Orange Light Appear?

Here are all the possible contributing factors behind the amber light on the Netgear router:

Loose Connections

There is a possibility that you made a loose connection between the router and modem. Or maybe the Ethernet cable was damaged somewhere. As a result, the router showed an orange light.

Improper Power Supply

If the Netgear router gets an insufficient power supply from the router then there is a hundred percent chance that your device illustrates the orange light.

No Internet Connection

Sometimes routers do not get the constant internet speed from the internet service provider. There is a chance that your ISP is doing maintenance with the network.

Router Running on Corrupt or Old Firmware Version

Netgear users sometimes use the router in their old version of firmware which puts the device at higher risk. Maybe the same thing happened to you and you forgot to update the firmware.
Hence, these are the reasons that force you to see the Netgear router’s orange light. Whatever the reasons are, there is no need to panic. After all, we have quick hacks for you that will assist you to turn the orange light into green. So, without further ado, move to the solutions.

Fix: Netgear Router Orange Light Issue

Here are the quick troubleshooting tips to fix the Netgear router orange light which blinks:

Reboot the Router

The very first thing you are required to do is reboot the Netgear router once. The reason is some time devices are surrounded by technical glitches which stop the functions of the router, so in this situation restarting the device is the best option to resolve the problem.

  • Initially, cut the electricity from the power source and remove the router from a socket.
  • Give some rest time to the router.
  • Plug the router again into the wall outlet.

Now, your Netgear router is successfully rebooted.  Check your device to ensure the orange light goes off. If not then it means the router is working properly there is a problem with internet connectivity. To check the internet connection follows the further hacks.

Check the Ethernet Cable Connection

If you make the wired connection between the router and host modem, then you need to cross-check the Ethernet cable because there is the possibility that your Ethernet cable is damaged and you are unaware of it. So, we recommend you try to check the entire Ethernet cable. If you find any damaged or faulty area on the cable, then change it or repair it.

Update the Firmware

Netgear router orange light blinks when the device is running on its old firmware. So, try to check the firmware version of the device first. Maybe your device runs on its old version. To perform the firmware update you need Netgear admin login details. For the further process follow the following steps:

  • Switch on the Computer or Laptop.
  • Open the internet browser on your device.

Note: It is compulsory to use the latest version of internet browser during updating the firmware because the old version of browser may create the issues in the process.

  • Access routerlogin.net which is the default web address of the router.
  • Put the URL into the address bar carefully.
  • Press the Enter button.
  • Fill in the Netgear admin login details.
  • Click on Log In button.
  • Go to the Firmware Update Panel.
  • Now, you need to follow the on-screen prompts.

Remove the Distance

Users of Netgear are unaware of the placement of the devices and place the router away from the modem which leads to the issue with the signal transmission. So, check the distance between the device if you find more than half the distance, then try to reduce it.

Avoid WiFi Interference

If you install your router near the home appliance and metal objects then try to change the placement of the device because electronic gadgets have electromagnetic waves that cause WiFi interference.
Hence these are the quick troubleshooting tips that you can perform to resolve the Netgear router orange light issue.

Bottom Lines!

Now, you know very well why your Netgear router orange light blinks and how you can fix it. Once you perform the above-mentioned fix you will see the orange light goes off. However, on the off chance you are not able to fix it, then you can contact us through email for instant assistance.