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Can’t You Perform Netgear R6120 Setup? Here’s What to Do!

Looking to bring seamless internet connectivity to every corner of your home by setting up Netgear R6120 WiFi router? Can’t you make the WiFi router operational? Here’s what you can do to perform the Netgear R6120 setup on the fly. Netgear routers are globally popular because of offering ease-of-use and smooth WiFi coverage. But sometimes, […]

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Is Your Router Firmware Updated? Here’s How to Do It!

Firmware updates are like tune-ups for your WiFi routers to keep them running smoothly and in an efficient manner. They not only help in improving the user interface of your WiFi router but also removes minor bugs and enhances security. Thus, it is always recommended to get your WiFi device a firmware update whenever a […]

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What is the Netgear Router Default IP address? Let’s Find Out!

You need Netgear router IP address to access the router configuration settings. Most of the home WiFi routers seize two IP addresses. One is used to communicate locally. By locally, we mean within the home network only and the local IP is known as the private IP address. On the other hand, the IP address […]

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