Fix: Not Working After Firmware Update

Have you recently updated your router’s firmware to make the most of your device? Facing issues after firmware update? Oh! It seems you have either updated the wrong or corrupted firmware version on your Netgear WiFi router, resulting in working.

Our experts are reported with the same issue often and this occurs mostly due to the neglectful behavior of users. Well, here are some proven troubleshooting tips right from the table of our experts to get the Netgear router not working after firmware update issue fixed. Here we go.

Troubleshoot: Netgear Router Stopped Working After Firmware Update

Here’s how you can fix the router not working issue after firmware update. Simply walk through the steps below and make your Netgear router operational again.

Reboot Your Router

Rebooting your router can help you get rid of the issue, possibly. For this, turn off your router and unplug its power adapter from the wall outlet for some time. Now, let the device sit without power for some time. Once done, plug-in back the power adapter of your router to its socket and turn the power button on. Try accessing login page and see if you get success.

Cross-check the Reason

If you believe that your router is not working just after updating Netgear router firmware then first ensure some points:

  • Check if you have updated the firmware version as per the model number of your router.
  • Ask yourself, have you interrupted the firmware update process?
  • Any power outage while you were updating the firmware of your router?
  • Has the firmware of your router successfully been installed?
  • Have you downloaded the corrupted firmware version on your router?

If among all the reasons listed above, nothing is wrong from your end then it seems the reason behind getting the problem is something else. In that case, try the basic troubleshooting tips listed below to do away with the router login not working issue.

Basic Troubleshooting Tips for a Netgear Router

Check Cable Connections

You may not land on the admin page if the wires connected between your devices are loose or improper. Also, if the power supply coming to your devices is not sufficient then also you might fall into the problem of not working issue. So, before you plan to give your router in the hands of technical experts, we suggest simply check whether all the wired connections between all your devices (router, modem, and PC) are proper or not.

Update Your Web Browser

The use of an outdated web browser can also create trouble while accessing the default web address. Therefore, check if the web browser you are currently using is up-to-date. If not, either switch to a web browser that is already flaunting an updated software version or update the software version of your current web browser.

Delete Cache, Cookies, and History

Another reason that can occur not working issue can be related to the junk accumulated on your web browser. For fixing the issue, delete cache, cookies, and history from your web browser by navigating to your browser’s settings. This perhaps will bring you success and help you access the Netgear Genie setup wizard, aka router GUI.

Check Internet Access

If none of the options listed above are working for you, run a ping test on your system and ensure if you are receiving sufficient WiFi speed from the end of your Internet Service Provider. Because slow internet can also be the culprit making you experience router login not working issue.

Reset Your Router

Still no luck? Well, now the only resort left to make your router working is to reset it to the default settings and then configure it again. Doing so will not only erase router-related but also the firmware-related issues if any.

Verdict not working after firmware update issue might get resolved for you after giving the aforementioned troubleshooting tips a shot. Just in case, the tips don’t work for you, consider contacting our team of experts to help you out.