How to Fix Orange Light on Netgear Router?

Wondering why is there a Netgear router orange light. Are you also facing connectivity issues along with it? It is now time for some troubleshooting process. We will help you through this. Generally, the lights on the router should be either green or white, which indicates everything is perfectly well and the signal is optimum. On the other way around, if the Netgear router is showing red light or orange light, then know that something is wrong with it. Today we are going to address the Netgear router orange light issue through this blog. Continue reading to know what it means to have an orange light on your Netgear router and what you can do to fix the issue. For your knowledge, you will need to access the Netgear router login page either by using the IP address or using the web address, thus keep the login details handy.

Netgear Router Orange Light: Meaning

A Netgear router orange light simply means poor connection. It can be either a poor internet connection or a poor connection between the devices. There can be multiple reasons that result in orange light on the router. Here is a list of some causes that can result in this issue:

  • Outdated firmware on the Netgear router
  • Incorrect router placement
  • The router is not connected properly to modem
  • Netgear router is placed out of the modem’s range
  • The Ethernet cable is damaged
  • Ethernet cable is not inserted properly into the devices
  • Network interference is affecting the connection

Orange Light on Netgear Router: Solved

1. Reboot your Router

This should be the first troubleshooting step whenever you are stuck with an issue with a technical device. Yes! Rebooting works like charm to cool down the router and eliminate temporary bugs. Plus it has no negative effects on the device. Hence, without even giving it a second thought, power off your Netgear router right away. Let it have some recovery time while it is having rest. After a while, plug back the router and turn the power supply on. This is going to help you solve the orange LED issue. If it doesn’t then you have some more hacks to be followed.

2. Pull Router Closer

We have mentioned previously that the Netgear router orange light implies poor connection. Let us now get to fix this weak connectivity issue. If you have connected your router to the modem using a wireless medium then see if the router is palced out of range of modem network. Bring the devices closer to each other such that there is smooth communication between them. Make sure you are not bringing them very close else the signals will interfere.

3. Check Cables

In case the router is connected to the modem using a wired connection, then perhaps the cable that is put to use is faulty. Why don’t you try checking this? If you find this true then replace the Ethernet cable right away. Insert the cables’ ends tightly into the Ethernet ports on both devices and make a solid connection between the two. This will help you ensure that the connection between the Netgear router and the modem is secure and firm. Once done, see if the orange light on Netgear router still exists. On the off chance, fixing connectivity issues doesn’t bring you luck, then try some more hacks provided in the list ahead.

4. Place it Correctly

The placement of the Netgear router is very important. If you have chosen the wrong place for the router, then it must find it difficult to transmit the network. The result may be the poor connection and thus the orange light issue. So, see if you have placed the router in a corner or enclosed area stuffed with plenty of objects. If this is so, then change the location of the router immediately. Place it in an open place in the home. Also, place it in a central location of the home so that multiple devices can easily access its network. Additionally, choose a higher place and also place it away from other networking devices or home appliances that can cause WIFi interference.

5. Update Firmware

If your Netgear router is not updated for a long time then this also can be the reason behind the orange light on Netgear router issue. Thus, you should access the Netgear router admin panel by using or the default IP address of the Netgear router and see if any updates are ready to be done. If you find any, then get the router updated right away. This will definitely help you fix the orange light issue.

Note: In case you are facing internet issues due to the orange light on your router, then you won’t be able to update the firmware. In such a situation, you need to first reset the router and then set it up again from scratch. After that update the firmware on the Netgear router to the most recent version.

Need Further Assistance?

This is how you can fix the Netgear router orange light. The aforementioned troubleshooting hacks will be able to help you out. On the off chance, you are still struggling with the same then getting in touch with our expert team will be helpful.