Is There a Way for Nighthawk XR500 Auto Reboot Scripting?

If we talk about an XR500 WiFi router brought in by Netgear, then it is not a very new product. But, when it comes to facing issues with the device, they are always new. The reason being, millions have installed this router to fulfill their internet needs and the number of issues faced by them will be directly proportional to their count. But, it does not mean that all Netgear Nighthawk XR500 users face such a problem. Recently, a user asked a peculiar yet interesting question regarding the very same WiFi router.

He said, “I generally performance-related issues including the refused to connect issue with the router. But, when I reboot it, the problems get fixed. Now, all I want to know is how can I make my router reboot automatically. I can’t find any such program or function in the router’s firmware.” If you precisely look at the query raised by the user, then it is clear that he’s asking about the Netgear router auto reboot function. Whether it is there or not? This blog will reveal. And if the auto reboot (scheduled reboot) option is not there, what should be done? Let’s find out!

Nighthawk XR500 Auto Reboot – Yes or No

This must be known to you that neither Netgear nor its contemporaries have rolled out such a program that allows scheduled reboot of the router. There is a secret behind this thing. Imagine a scenario, “You are making an online payment and suddenly the router reboots. You will lose internet access and the payment is most likely to get stuck. To avoid such mishaps, the companies do not provide suck kinds of functionalities. However, with technological advancements, Netgear router automatic reboot can be rolled out in the near future.

Now that you are well aware of the thing that the auto reboot function is not available in the Netgear Nighthawk XR500 router. Also, you cannot script an additional program for the same. But, as we said that we will reveal some tips that will help you address the performance-related problems with the router.

Alternatives to Netgear XR500 Auto Reboot Scripting

Alternative 1: Keep the Firmware Updated

We do not feel the need to mention all the benefits that updating the Nighthawk XR500 router’s firmware will provide you. Isn’t it enough to agree for a firmware update that doing so will give your router new features that are hold by devices that have just entered the market? Thus, do not wait and install the newest firmware version on your router. You can get this job done by accessing the router login web URL. On the off-chance, the not working error shows up, use the Nighthawk mobile app.

Alternative 2: Avoid Unfavorable Location

The router might need a regular reboot if it overheats. That is possible in two cases. The first case is when the router’s network is overloaded. On the other hand, the router’s location plays a pivotal role. The first situation can be fixed by disconnecting a few devices from the network of the XR500 router. But, when it comes to the second one, you have to change the router’s location. The location you’ve chosen should be well-ventilated and must not be housing any device and object that emit electromagnetic frequencies. The placement near lustrous objects must also be avoided.

Alternative 3: Use Hardwired Connections wherever Possible

This is not a secret that wired connections are always reliable than wireless ones. The reason being, they let your devices communicate directly without any interruption. On the other hand, wireless connections are likely to get affected with the presence of external disturbances. Thus, bring Ethernet cables into play wherever possible. But, you have to fulfill one condition no matter how many LAN cables you employ i.e. all the cables are supposed to be free of damages. Using damaged cables will only ruin your internet experience.

To Sum Up

At the beginning of the post, we discussed about the user whose major concern was about finding the Netgear router auto reboot option that does not actually exist on routers including the Nighthawk XR500. After that, we shifted our focus to the techniques that can help a user get rid of performance-related issues in addition to rebooting. With the hope that you will be able to improve your router’s efficiency using those techniques, we are now winding up the post.