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Netgear AX11000 WiFi Router Setup

In case you want to gain access to full internet coverage in your home, then you should take our advice. Our advice requires you to install the Netgear AX1100 WiFi router. After configuring this device using the Netgear router login details, you will not just be able to get rid of your crappy WiFi days but also manage your home network via remote access.

Sounds great, isn’t it? Don’t you go with what we are saying? If you do then, you should read the information given on this page and learn how to set up the AX1100 router.

Netgear AX1100 Router Configuration Process

1. Unpack the AX1100 Router

The package that you received might have come with the Netgear AX1100 wireless router, a power adapter, and an Ethernet cable. Along with this, you might have also received a user manual which consists of all the specifications of your networking device. You can open it and see for yourself.

Unpack the AX1100 Router

2. Extender the Router Antennas

Right before you install the Netgear AX1100 WiFi router, you need to extend the antennas as shown in the figure below. Once done, position the router and ensure that you are keeping it at a location that is the mid-location of the computer and the existing modem.

Extender the Router Antennas

3. Connect the Router and Modem

Remember the Ethernet cable which you got while unpacking the WiFi router? The time has come for you to make use of it. Grab one end of the cable and connect it to the router and another to the existing modem. See to it that you are not establishing a loose cable connection between them.

4. Plug in and Power On the Router

Connect the Netgear AX1100 WiFi router to an electrical outlet and locate the power button on it. Once found, press it and wait for some time. In this time frame, you will see that the power LED light has turned green. This is a signal that your device is getting an uninterrupted power supply.

5. Wall Mount the WiFi Router

The next step in line is to wall mount the Netgear AX1100 router using the wall mounting holes on the bottom of the device. It is recommended that you make use of the M3 X 20 mm screws for this purpose. To learn about how to wall mount the router, you should refer to the user manual.

6. Connect to the WiFi Network

Once you are done with the placement of the router, switch on your laptop and connect it to its network. For this, you need to go to the taskbar, click the WiFi button, select the SSID of your router, enter the required password, and lastly, click the Connect button for internet access.

7. Use a Wired Connection

The aforementioned section talked about gaining internet access wirelessly. This one will talk about using a wire for the same. Connect a cable to the Ethernet port on the laptop or computer and the other end of the port on the router. Soon your computer will connect to the local area network LAN.

8. Will Be Prompted to Log In

Open an internet browser on your system and go to the address bar. Enter the default web address, i.e., and press the Enter key. Soon the page will shift and you will be prompted to log in. Thus, log in to the router using the default user name and password which are admin and password respectively.

9. Follow the Further Instructions

Click Advanced > Setup Wizard > Yes > Next. Soon your Netgear AX1100 WiFi router will detect the internet connection and you will be asked to enter and confirm the new password. Once you are done doing so, answer the two security questions and select NEXT. The Congratulations page will appear.

10. Complete the Setup Process

Print your network settings in case you are interested and click the Next button. The Firmware Update Assistant page will come into view. In case an update is not available, hit OK. Your router is done getting installed. In case, it is, then hit YES and wait for the process to end. In some time, your device will reboot.

Now that you have learned how to perform Netgear AX1100 WiFi router, let us give you one extra tip that will help you in the long run. By that we mean, that if you ever come across technical issues with the network device, feel free to reset it and set it up from scratch using the IP address of your router.

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