Netgear Router Default Password: Easy Steps to Customize It

Customizing the settings of a device is the first thing that an individual does after purchasing it. Doing so not only ensures the safety of the device but also enhances the user experience. With that being said, one must change the Netgear router default password as soon as he/she completes its installation. Just in case you don’t know what the default password of your WiFi router is, stick to reading. Here, we’ve mentioned not only the information to find the router’s factory-set [default] password, but also the steps to customize it so that you can have a secure networking experience.

Where to Find Netgear Router Password?

If you’re a tech savvy, then you might be aware of the fact that every gadget is sold along with its user manual. Well, the same thing applies to your Netgear WiFi router. The router user manual is your guide to managing the entire home network. Besides, you can find the values of the Netgear router default IP and password in it. In case you’ve lost the user manual, then you can take online support from our professionals to know the default password of your wireless router as per its model number.

Once you find the default password of your WiFi router, you are free to commence the process to customize it. Given in the next section are the steps that will assist you with the password-changing process of your WiFi device.

How to Change Netgear Router Default Password?

Before beginning the process to customize the default password of your wireless router, ensure that you have an active internet connection. The reason being, you won’t be able to get successful with the process in the absence of a seamless internet connection. Once ensured, the steps given below can be executed:

Netgear Router Default Password

Figure 1 Steps to change Netgear router password

I. Connect Your WiFi Devices

The initial step of the process to customize the default passphrase of the router is to connect it to the internet modem. Hence, this step falls under the category of connection creation between WiFi devices. If you’ve already connected them, then we suggest you check the strength of the connection. The criteria for determining the connection stability varies according to the source employed for the same. The wireless connection is considered stable if the distance between the devices is safe whereas an Ethernet cable with zero cuts makes a wired connection strong.

II. Visit

Right after you’re sure about the router-modem connection strength, set up the platform for accessing the URL. In other words, open an already installed web browser on your PC and navigate to the address bar. Be sure that the chosen web browser is updated and cache-free. In the address bar, type In case you are unable to see the router login screen, type the IP address. Know that every router model has its unique IP address. Therefore, do not forget to check the user manual once before putting the IP address to use.

III. Log in to the Router

On the router login panel, you are supposed to make the correct entries of the Netgear router default password and username. Additionally, make sure that you are not entering the default values into the wrong fields. Go the extra mile by turning the Caps Lock key on the keyboard to the OFF position. After entering the login details, select the Log In button. You will soon come across the dashboard of your wireless router.

IV. Customize the Default Password

Now, navigate to the Advanced option and click it. Thereafter, select Administration > Set Password. On the next window, type the current password once and the new password twice. You can also enable the Password Recovery option to recover the password in case you forget it in the future. However, you have to provide answers to a few security questions to enable this feature and use it in the case of need. Lastly, click Apply. The Netgear router default password has been customized successfully.


One must customize the default password of a wireless router as soon as he/ she set it up. In this post, you learned where to find the default value of the router password and how to change it. But, keep in mind that you assign a strong value to the router’s admin password. Otherwise, it won’t be difficult for hackers to manipulate the settings of your home network. We are now expecting that you’ve successfully changed the Netgear router default password and are having a safer networking experience.