Netgear Router Firmware Update

Firmware is pre-installed and embedded software which controls administrative features, routing protocols as well as security functions.

  1. The firmware is stored on the read-only memory (ROM) chip of the router.
  2. In order to make your device work properly, ensure that the Netgear router firmware is up-to-date.
  3. If this is not the case, you may experience issues.

How to Update Netgear Router Firmware

The Netgear router firmware update process can enhance connectivity as well as keep the router network secure. It is always suggested to download the latest firmware updates whenever they become available. Most of the routers come with a built-in update checker that performs the complete process automatically.

Here’s how to update router firmware using the admin web user interface:

  1. First of all, find the default IP address.
  2. To do so, click on the Start button.
  3. Go to the network status window.
  4. Network Status window shows different sections related to the network.
  5. Just find the details option and click on it.

How to Update Router Firmware

  1. Here, you can see the default IP address of your router.
  2. After that, open an internet browser and type in the address bar.
  3. Make an account using your email.
  4. Once done, the admin page for the router will display.
  5. Click on Router Update.
  6. Finally, hit the Yes button.

Netgear genie setup

The router will start the downloading process. Click on the downloaded file and install the Netgear firmware by following the given steps on the screen.

Find Model Number of Your Router

When you download the Netgear firmware, you need to enter the model number of your device.

  1. Find out the model number of the router as different models have different firmware versions.
  2. After finding the model number, you will get to know the firmware version of your router.
  3. If there is any Netgear firmware update to that particular version, download it immediately.
  4. You can find the model number of Router at the backside of it.
  5. Most of the time, it is clearly visible on the sticker.
  6. But in case this sticker is missing or damaged, go to admin page and find the correct model number of your router.

Unable to Update Firmware?

Various users face different problems while performing the router firmware update e.g. unable to connect to the server, progress bar takes a while to complete, etc. In order to resolve such issues, just go through these troubleshooting steps.

  1. Power-cycling of the Netgear router can help a lot.
  2. Power off the router and wait for some time. After that, power it on. This process is known as power cycling.
  3. Also, opt for a different web browserfor the firmware update process. For instance, if you are using Chrome and can’t download the firmware, use Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Firmware is essentially intended to operate the router. It works as an operating system that offers a user interface to configure and change settings according to the requirements. Some Netgear routers possess special procedures for updating the firmware version.